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  • The Grand Tour.....April 2010

    Posted 26 September 2010

    From the 17th to the 19th Century the Romance and Adventure of the European Grand Tour grew as a phenomenon during which many younger members of English Scottish and Irish Gentry and Scholars, also those from other Northern European countries, sought or were enjoined by their elders to study and experience the grand Antique Monumental Chateaux Castles Houses and Palaces, Schloesser, Landhaueser, Pallazzi, the ancient Artefacts and Archaeological Treasures of the Great European Centers of Civilization.

  • Aspects To Consider When Deciding On An Antique Fireplace For Your Home

    Posted 16 March 2010

    Referred to as fireplace, mantelpiece, or chimneypiece... kamine, camino, cheminee or chiminea, the antique fireplace is an important prominent architectural as well as decorative feature in the interior of not just the traditional home. It either sets the style or complements the existing setting of the room or building itself.

  • The Antique Renaissance Fireplace...A short narrative...January 2010.

    Posted 18 January 2010

    THE EXPRESSION "RENAISSANCE" …meaning in French “Rebirth” , was coined in the 19th century and variously covers a period from the 14th to the 17th century…different schools of thought give different dates. It originated in Florence in Italy and was a broad cultural movement including style and design which drew inspiration from Classical Antiquity…Ancient Greece and Rome and the Etruscans in between….and spread through all of Europe, where it gained further impetus …the French even claimed it as their original creation at one point.

  • Bulletin - March 2009 - The Demise of Wedgwood

    Posted 26 March 2009

    THE DEMISE OF WEDGWOOD : It is upsetting to view the downturn in the fortunes of this once remarkable company from its mid 18th century origins as one of the first World class commercial quality industrial creative companies, to being taken over by Waterford Glass in Ireland, transferring production…. to the Far East , and now in free fall waiting for a “White Knight”.

  • Bulletin - September 2008

    Posted 10 September 2008

    Terms of reference for antique fireplaces include mantelpiece, or chimneypiece... kamine, cheminee or chiminea …to mention just some of the European titles alone.

  • Bulletin - May 2008

    Posted 01 May 2008

    At 9am the doors are opened letting in a wonderful London spring morning and the muffled bustle of the day begins. The Classical and Retro music softly filters upwards into the 90 foot high interior, this Edifice of Victorian Pride & Piety , "Standing Four Square, East to West”… a hop skip and a jump from where stood the original gated City walls of Medieval London, The Square Mile… within a stones throw from the White Portland stone Oranges & Lemons Church of St. Leonard..."

  • Bulletin - April 2008

    Posted 26 April 2008

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