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  • Restoration Focus

    Posted 02 August 2018

    Restoration Focus

    Here at Westland, we take great pride in our restoration department, with a team of six restorers dedicated to returning items to their former glory. Using traditional tools and techniques whenever possible, the team undertake numerous projects varying enormously in scale and difficulty. Our wood restorer Tony has over thirty years’ experience as a cabinet …

  • The Genius of François Linke

    Posted 20 July 2018

    The Genius of François Linke

    Here at Westland London we pride ourselves in having a vast range of fine chimneypieces, but it is only occasionally that we source the truly exceptional; a combination of exquisite craftsmanship, quality of materials and elegant design. One fireplace in our collection certainly ticks all the boxes, having been designed by one of the greatest names ...

  • Free Olympia Art & Antiques Fair Ticket

    Posted 01 June 2018

    Free Olympia Art & Antiques Fair Ticket

    This month, we will be exhibiting at the Olympia Art & Antiques Fair for the first time! We’re delighted to be taking some of our favourite pieces, with quite a few new acquisitions also! We would absolutely love to see you there, so please see a link with a complimentary e-ticket which admits two below: ...

  • Gothic Revival

    Posted 06 April 2018

    Gothic Revival

    The origins of the Gothic style can be found at the Abbey of Saint Denis in Paris. This 12th century structure incorporated all of the features of Gothic architecture, and so became the first truly Gothic building; the prototype from which numerous architects would draw inspiration in the centuries to come. For hundreds of years, the ...

  • Coalbrookdale Foundry

    Posted 09 March 2018

    Coalbrookdale Foundry

    The Coalbrookdale Foundry is a company steeped in history. Nestled in the deep valleys of Shropshire, the foundry occupies a site inextricably linked with the manufacture of iron. Coal mining was introduced to the land in 1572 by John Brooke and the smelting of iron in this location was recorded as early as the seventeenth-century.

  • The Gift of Fire

    Posted 01 February 2018

    The Gift of Fire

    Fire has always been viewed with a sense of mystery and awe. A fire is mesmeric and alluring, perhaps even more so when set within a chimneypiece. One of the earliest myths to explain the presence of fire on earth is that of Prometheus and the creation of man. In Greek mythology as told in...

  • Regency Highlights

    Posted 04 December 2017

    Regency Highlights

    Life in the English Regency period, which, in its broadest sense stretched from the late 1790s until the late 1830s, was more intimate and informal than the periods which preceded it and those which were to follow. The Regency style is known for its lightness and restraint – a far cry from the heavy opulence of...

  • Autumn Lighting

    Posted 10 November 2017

    Autumn Lighting

    As the days grow shorter, lighting becomes an increasingly important feature in our homes. For style, atmosphere and drama, antique lighting can be the perfect choice. Here is a selection of some of our loveliest lighting, guaranteed to create a welcoming ambience… This unusual brass lantern with panels of convex glass would be a perfect..

  • Classical Inspiration

    Posted 08 August 2017

    Classical Inspiration

    An essential rite of passage for young gentlemen of means and the final step in the completion of their education, the Grand Tour was an important cultural pilgrimage spanning the 17th and 19th centuries. Seen as the transitional step between boyhood and adulthood, those undertaking the Tour would have left a British Port, often Dover..

  • Tremendous Tiles

    Posted 03 July 2017

    Tremendous Tiles

    This month we’re featuring three of our most decorative inserts and grates. Adorned with tiles of all colours and sizes, these inserts are a great way to update an existing fireplace, or add a period touch to your home! Manufactured c.1890 by The Eagle Foundry in Oxford, this rare Aesthetic Movement insert is adorned with

  • Marble Through the Ages

    Posted 08 June 2017

    Marble Through the Ages

    The story begins approximately 1,600 million years ago in the Mesoproterozoic age, long before any vertebrate creature walked the Earth. Soft white sediments of the long lost, warm Tethys Sea metamorphosed, folded, twisted and refolded into smooth knots of fine lustrous, sphered symmetry. Bands of impurities take on beautiful colours, a profusion of shapes and..

  • Summer Florals

    Posted 08 June 2017

    Summer Florals

    The Great British Summer is underway, and this month we’re showcasing the best of florals… Florals don’t have to be flamboyant. Carved from limestone, this Victorian chimneypiece possesses the simplest of floral detailing, the Tudor rose: DETAILS HERE With a gently sweeping arch framed by floral spandrels, this marble chimneypiece is the epitome of elegance

  • Francis I’s Salamander

    Posted 08 June 2017

    Francis I’s Salamander

    This month one of our finest new chimneypieces unites exquisite quality with powerful symbolism. It is an enchanting combination, telling the tale of royal iconography and revolutionary ambition. DETAILS HERE The Salamander is a creature cloaked in mystery. In the 1st century AD Pliny claimed that the Salamander “is so intensely cold as to extinguish

  • Latest Acquisition

    Posted 10 May 2017

    Latest Acquisition

    We are thrilled to introduce a magnificent chimneypiece into our collection. Dating to 1750, carved in white statuary marble and inlaid with panels of the finest Verdi Antico[i].

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