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Our collection of Antique Furniture includes fine antique chairs, tables and thrones, as well as vintage antique displays, cabinets, bureau, lecterns and fonts.

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Antique furniture
Antique furniture is almost infinite in its variety. From the most humble of beginnings, furniture characterises its period, taking on the influences of the age.

For example, Victorian furniture represents the 19th century British interest in earlier periods, and the style of the furniture reflects the age’s influences, such as the Gothic, Renaissance and Jacobean eras. Antique oak furniture has endured the centuries, and remains very popular, especially in period, or country residences. Victorian furniture made of oak often emulated the 16th and 17th century style of fine furniture, to decorate the 19th century home in a revival style.

Antique French furniture
Antique French furniture also offers a large variety of styles, from the understated farmhouse style, where fruitwoods are simply carved and joined into tables, chairs and beds. Fine antique French furniture utilised the beauty of more exotic woods, such as mahogany, rosewood and kingwood and paired it with the gleaming ormolu mounts often seen on the opulent Louis XV furniture of the 18th century and later revivals. The later French Empire style was more neoclassical, and became sought after all over Europe.

Antique bedroom furniture
Antique bedroom furniture is an often overlooked area, but such a room can be transformed by the addition of period pieces. Whether antique beds to make a statement, or a pair of elegant and understated antique chairs, these details add character and depth. Antique bedroom furniture could also feature antique screens, an excellent way of creating a partition in a room for a dressing area or even a bath.

Antique tables and chairs
In a principal room, there are a few essential pieces of antique furniture that give the interior character. An antique table is an incredibly versatile antique, whether the smallest occasional table, or a grand antique dining table surrounded by a set of 19th century dining chairs. An antique chair is also a lovely way of introducing an antique, as they can be easily incorporated by upholstering them to suit the scheme of the room.

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