Autumn Lighting

10 November 2017

As the days grow shorter, lighting becomes an increasingly important feature in our homes. For style, atmosphere and drama, antique lighting can be the perfect choice.

Here is a selection of some of our loveliest lighting, guaranteed to create a welcoming ambience…

Our site features a range of unique antique lighting options

Antique chandeliers

The most well-known and elaborate form of antique lighting is the antique chandelier. Evolving from their initial cross-timber designs to more elaborate fare involving cascading glass, brass and crystals, chandeliers continue to be a popular form of lighting to this day.

At Westland, we have a large variety of antique chandeliers. These range from the intricate metallic designs of this Tudor revival-style iron chandelier:

To the flowing glass of this 1930s neoclassical basket design, crowned with palmettes on the corona from which hang strips of faceted glass beads and spear-like drops:

While we all may have an idealised picture in our head when we hear the phrase ‘antique chandelier’, the vast variety of designs over the years means that regardless of the location you should be able to find a chandelier that suits you.

Antique lanterns… often suit a doorway, staircase or porch

For more information please visit our antique chandeliers page.

Antique wall lights

For an intricate design that takes up less space than a chandelier we would recommend looking at an antique wall light, or ‘sconce’. An evolution of the wall mounted torch from medieval times, the wall light saw a number of revisions as the years progressed. No matter the year, wall lights are always able to bring a unique charm and character into a room.

Our showroom displays wall lights from a number of different eras, from Georgian to Victorian to Art Deco.

Those who prefer a more classical, elaborate approach may seek the design of a piece like these Pugin Silver Plated Gothic Pair Wall Lights:

However, you may be looking for a more unique design, such as this antique chinoiserie lacquered wood two light wall applique, the pagoda canopy over a painted folkloric Chinese scene from 1930s England:

Or this pair of very large cast iron Art Deco post mounted street lights, part of a range of the early "Bell Top" designs made by the Revo Electric Company Ltd. Tipton (one of the earliest manufacturers of electric street lighting).

Whatever the design, a wall light brings a well-designed, intimate light to any room.

Find out more on our antique wall light page.

No matter the year, wall lights are always able to bring a unique charm and character into a room

Ceiling lights and lanterns

Antique lanterns are a smaller lighting choice than chandeliers (many are smaller than wall lights) that often suit a doorway, staircase or porch. Commonly erected in brass with glass shutters - which are sometimes painted, dyed or styled - lanterns are a popular lighting choice for any home.

Homeowners may pick something akin to this Georgian brass hall lantern if they’re looking for a more traditional lantern design. This lantern features a brass cage, suspended by four arms and holds bevelled glass:

Those looking for a more colourful or ornate design may seek this antique leaded glass Victorian hall lantern, with its tinted glass and design aping exaggerated nature:

If you’re interested in acquiring a lantern for your home be sure to visit our antique lantern page.

Other lighting

Our site features a range of unique antique lighting options, whether you’re interested in Victorian ‘Wee Willie Winkie’ candlesticks:

This charming Louis XVI style grey marble and ormalu table lamp:

Or even a pair of Art Nouveau seven branch bronze candelabra with elaborate marble plinths:

These are all available on our other antique lighting page, so if you’re looking for a unique lighting experience for your home be sure to give it a visit.

For style, atmosphere and drama, antique lighting can be the perfect choice


As the nights start to draw in earlier due to this time of year, antique lighting can be a great way to keep your home bright whilst bringing in an air of style and atmosphere.

If you agree, be sure to visit our Willesden Green showroom, take a look around our website or get in touch - we're always happy to chat antiques!