The World's Favourite Antiques: An Infographic

25 May 2017

Antiques can take all shapes and sizes – from paintings to pottery, coins to cutlery.

Each country has its own unique traditions and history so perhaps it’s no surprise the most popular antiques vary wildly from country to country.

At Westland a large number of our clients come from overseas so we were curious to see what’s hot and what’s not across the globe. The results are now in so here’s what we found:

The World's Favourite Antiques: An Infographic


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We found that antique furniture, mirrors, sculpture, jewellery, paintings, furniture and clocks were popular across the board - but results varied massively from country to country.

Jewellery, for example, is searched for 5.5 times more often than any other antique in India, but fails to make the top three in the USA, Russia or many European countries. In the UAE, on the other hand, antique mirrors dwarf any other antique searches by tenfold.


Curious to know the top three antique searches in the UK? It’s furniture, jewellery and clocks. What about antique fireplaces we hear you ask? We’ve been asking ourselves the same question!