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Our collection of intricate antique stained glass windows and antique doors includes delicate antique windows, large oak doors and doorways, as well as antique brass door knockers.

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    Two pairs of exquisitely carved, antique walnut cupboard doors in the Renaissance style. They are en suite and matching with pair of doors, Stock No.10223.
    French, circa 1870.
    Provence: French / Italian 19th century, made to order in the English manner for Park Place, Remenham near Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, built in 1871 by Architect Thomas Cundy in the French Renaissance manner for the Noble family.

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    width height depth
    Each door 18 12"
    47 cms
    38 316"
    97 cms
    1 58"
    4 cms
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    A large and sumptuous arched antique Victorian stained glass window depicting The Parable of The Good Samaritan. Set within a frame the detailed figures, abundant foliage and rugged landscape are finely drawn and painted in green, red, gold, colbalt blue and ochre tones. From the flagon and bowl in the foreground to the soulful gaze of the donkey and out beyond to the distant citadel on the hillside there is a charm of design typical of the turn of the century era.

    Originally part of a group removed in the 1980's from a church near Harrogate in Yorkshire it has recently been professionally restored.

    English late 19th century.

    Notes: Parables were short stories based on everyday events that taught a moral or spiritual lesson. Jesus told many of them to his followers and in using the parable of The Good Samaritan he taught them to " Love thy neighbour as thyself' ". The story tells of a man who was robbed of everything he had while travelling from Jerusalem to Jericho. Two other travellers, a Priest and a Levite, showed no compassion for his state and passed him by but a third, a Samaritan, immediately came to his aid. Samaritans were considered a lower class of citizen by the general population because they had intermarried but this man put all aside and did not question the injured man's race or religion and saw only a person in great need of comfort and assistance.
    A lesson for our time !

    Link to: Antique Doors and Windows.

    width with frame height with frame depth with frame
    52 1316"
    134 cms
    112 1316"
    286.5 cms
    3 78"
    10 cms
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    A highly decorative antique Victorian engraved bronze door rim lock including original engraved keep.
    English, mid 19th century.

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    Width Height Depth
    without keep 7 18"
    18 cms
    4 12"
    11.5 cms
    0 1316"
    2 cms
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    A pair of Art Nouveau painted pine stained glass conservatory doors and overdoor.
    English, Circa 1900.

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    width height depth
    Overdoor 46 1116"
    118.5 cms
    21 78"
    55.5 cms
    1 78"
    4.7 cms
    Doors only 47 58"
    121 cms
    79 14"
    201.5 cms
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    A Victorian small hotel lift car, with a fitted seat and operating panel and secured with a steel concertina door.
    English circa 1900.

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    width height depth
    57 1116"
    146.5 cms
    95 78"
    243.5 cms
    31 78"
    81 cms
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    A spectacularly large stained glass window The studio that made the window is believed to be Ballantine's of Edinburgh. They were the leading studio in the east of Scotland, and indeed won the commission to produce a suite of windows for the House of Lords in Westminster. Ballantine's employed Daniel Cottier, one of the pre-eminent stained glass artists of the mid to late 19th century, in the early part of his career, and the painting in this window displays a flavour of his style. As it is not signed, it is difficult to determine that categorically. This extract from a poem is inscribed in the bottom panel:
    "See Spring and Autumn teem with love
    The Maids beneath. Children above.
    All aiming fondly to endear
    To Pets who linger near".

    Link to: Antique Doors and Windows.

    Width Height depth
    54 14"
    138 cms
    135 1316"
    345 cms
    3 12"
    9 cms
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    A pair of small glazed oak doors, the glazed elements are six panes of Verre Eglomise, gilded and painted glass showing male and female masks and dancing figures in the Roman tradition. French, 1930s.

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    width Each height depth
    38 cms
    46 316"
    117.3 cms
    1 18"
    2.9 cms
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    A pair of decorative Victorian oak Cafe doors with large etched glass panels, depicting Industry - weaving and Music - a Lyre player. The doors themselves with carved fan top corner sections and lower raised and fielded panels front and back. English, 19th century.

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    width height depth
    45 1116"
    116 cms
    216 cms
    1 1316"
    4.5 cms
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    A richly coloured and intriguing Victorian arched stained glass panel in a painted wood frame. The profuse stylised floral decoration around the perimeter and in the main field includes Roses, rose and oak leaves. In the bottom right hand corner is a depiction of a walled city with a Byzantine Domed Church, a Steepled tower and castellated walls. Creator not known. English mid 19th century.

    Link to: Antique Doors and Windows.

    Width Height Depth
    33 18"
    84 cms
    129.5 cms
    2 12"
    6.3 cms
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    A large Neo Renaissance style stained glass window in it's painted original pine frame, with Arabesque motifs in the center panels and repeating floral design on the border and corner panels.
    English 19th century.

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    width height depth
    122 cms
    92 1316"
    235.7 cms
    2 316"
    5.7 cms
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    A period Neo Gothic carved oak doorway with four good quality floral stained glass panels,and original door furniture . English late 19th century.

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    Width Height Depth
    Door 40 58"
    103 cms
    226 cms
    2 58"
    6.5 cms
    Door and frame 46 14"
    117.5 cms
    93 14"
    237 cms
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    A pair of very fine large carved and panelled oak doors in the Louis XV manner with original gilt bronze door furniture.Both sides are identically carved and with raised and fielded panels.Only one side is gilded. Photo before restoration. English,19th century.

    Link to: Antique Doors and Windows.

    Width Height Depth
    Each Door 30 1116"
    78 cms
    118 14"
    300.5 cms
    5 cms
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    Full height conservatory or French windows, substantially constructed in bronze patinated cast iron with double doors , fixed side panels , and wrought iron florally decorated of three iron glazed double doorways removed by us from a large Villa in The Bishops Ave, London . English ca 1900.

    Double Doors : Width 28.5" each door ...x... Height: 78.5"

    Side panels : Width 28.25".

    Link to: Antique Doors and Windows.

    Width Height
    Total 110 1116"
    281.2 cms
    100 12"
    255.2 cms
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    A pair of french doors with art nouveau polychrome glass. 20th century

    width height
    106.7 cms
    91 12"
    232.4 cms
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