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Antique Ballantine stained glass window



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A spectacularly large stained glass window The studio that made the window is believed to be Ballantine's of Edinburgh. They were the leading studio in the east of Scotland, and indeed won the commission to produce a suite of windows for the House of Lords in Westminster. Ballantine's employed Daniel Cottier, one of the pre-eminent stained glass artists of the mid to late 19th century, in the early part of his career, and the painting in this window displays a flavour of his style. As it is not signed, it is difficult to determine that categorically. This extract from a poem is inscribed in the bottom panel:
"See Spring and Autumn teem with love
The Maids beneath. Children above.
All aiming fondly to endear
To Pets who linger near".

Width Height depth
54 14"
138 cms
135 1316"
345 cms
3 12"
9 cms

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