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Our collection of Antique wall lights includes beautiful antique wall lamps and antique brass wall lighting in a wide range of periods from Baroque and Art Deco to Neo-Classical Revival and Victorian.

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Antique Wall Lights London
Lighting has the ability to utterly transform the home. For style, atmosphere and drama, antique lights can be the perfect choice. Our collection of antique lighting ranges from lanterns, chandeliers and antique wall lights to a large selection of vintage and unusual pieces.

History of Antique Wall Lights
The history of the antique wall light, or sconce, begins with the wall mounted torch. These were usually made of cast iron, a portable torch which could be taken from room to room or out of the house. This later developed into the rush light, where a rush, or reed would be dipped in fat to make a rudimentary candle, and then balanced inside a wall mounted sconce. Many art deco style wall lights echoed this in the form of the torchere wall light, usually finished with a flame, or flambeau light shade.

Period Wall Lights
Antique Georgian Wall Lights were perhaps the first to be made in a wide range of styles. In the eighteenth-century, antique brass wall lights would often be Rococo or Neoclassical in style, reflecting the taste of the time. It was the French influence that developed the taste for the Rococo wall lights which reflected the taste for the ornate, which had spread throughout Europe. Brass wall lights were also plated in gold to make them even more opulent; this of course meant that they didn’t tarnish – so less polishing was required!

Victorian Wall Lights
Victorian wall lights were even more diverse in style. The nineteenth-century revisited many earlier styles, including the Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic styles, for which wrought iron wall lights were often designed. This more substantial material was fashioned into robust and dramatic period wall lights which often graced the grand Baronial castles of Scotland. This period also saw the development of the oil and the gas light, both of which emitted a more powerful, bright light.

Antique Wall Light Styles
In the early twentieth-century, Art Nouveau wall lights adopted the organic, sinuous forms of leaves and flowers, curling pieces of bronze and brass that held moulded glass shades. With nearly all lights being electrified by this point, designers could be even more experimental. As the twentieth-century progressed, modernism paved the way for a radical new wave of design, lights fashioned from steel and chrome, worlds away from the floral, organic details of what had come before.

Whatever the period, antique style wall lights add unique character and warmth into a room. Please do not hesitate to ask if you would like any further information about our selection of antique lights.