Antique Chandeliers

Our collection of Antique Chandeliers includes dazzling vintage antique glass chandeliers and intricate examples of antique French chandeliers.

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Antique Chandeliers
If you are looking for an antique chandelier, then look no further as in our extensive collection you are bound to find the perfect piece.

Antique chandeliers come in numerous styles and have been gracing rooms for hundreds of years. The earliest types of chandeliers were constructed from little more than suspended crossed timbers with spikes to hold candles, but this idea quickly developed and different styles of chandeliers appeared.

European Chandeliers
Chandeliers were widely made across Europe, but some of the most elegant were made in France, with antique crystal chandeliers perhaps being the most revered. However, antique French chandeliers are not limited to the Grand Palais style that may first spring to mind. Antique chandeliers can work just as successfully in a modern space with cascades of gleaming crystal glass drops picking up reflections of the urban interior.

Antique brass chandeliers are perhaps most recognisable in the form of the Dutch Chandelier. They take the form of multiple scrolling brass arms which support the candle lights often in two or more tiers emanating from a spherical brass centre. They have for years been an European favourite.

If you are looking for chandeliers, London should certainly be your first port of call!

Antique Chandeliers London
Chandeliers have been made for centuries in Britain and encompass many varied styles. The Victorian chandelier comes in many guises. Known for being elaborate, chandeliers from this period adopted styles from many earlier eras and perhaps the most popular was the Gothic style chandelier which was mostly made from wrought iron or brass.

Georgian chandeliers were originally used to illuminate a space with candles in the eighteenth century. They were the ultimate status symbol and were most often made of either rock crystal or glass. As social practices evolved it became more and more popular to host dinner parties rather than luncheons and so chandeliers were a necessity in these grand dining spaces. Georgian hosts would often burn hundreds of candles in an evening in order to keep their chandeliers glowing and their salons well lit.

Basket chandeliers were developed a little later towards the middle of the Regency period. The basic frame is usually made of brass, with long strings of crystal beads strung across and down to create an elegant cascade. Chandeliers remained a popular lighting feature well into the 20th century and continue to be a popular choice for those looking to light up a room.

Antique Chandeliers Today
Period chandeliers needn’t be limited to the period home. They can look just as striking in a contemporary interior whether in a home, an office or in municipal or corporate premises. Browse our stunning collection to find the perfect antique chandelier for your setting.

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