Antique carpets can add much-needed warmth and texture to an interior. An antique carpet can come in numerous styles, from the minimalist geometry of a Berber carpet to the rich weave of an antique Persian carpet, there is something that will suit every room. As such, they can be used in many styles of interior and in many different rooms. Antique Kilim carpets are hard wearing and can suit rooms with high foot traffic, whereas a silky soft Kashan carpet is best preserved in a bedroom, or a room without high foot traffic.

Antique Persian carpets are perhaps the best known, renowned for their quality and variety of styles based on the region of manufacture. Antique Persian carpets are varied in design as different styles were developed by the numerous tribes of what is now modern-day Iran. Persian carpets were not always intended to be used on the floor, and silk weave carpets such as Kashan, Nain and Isfahan carpets were often displayed as wall hangings.

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