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    A small Persian carpet with predominantly blue and russet red hues most probably an Afshar carpet. It is centred by a hexagonal enclosing geometric motifs framed by three foliate borders. The Turkic Afshar tribe, a semi-nomadic group, was mainly located in the northern region of Persia, now known as Azerbaijan. Part of the tribe was later resettled in the south eastern region in the Kerman district of the country and it was there that their work with carpets developed into a business. Persian, late 19th century.

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    Width Height Depth
    80 14"
    204 cms
    0 316"
    0.4 cms
    40 78"
    104 cms
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    A Qashqai tribal carpet with a central midnight blue medallion filled and surrounded by a field of small floral motifs.

    The Qashqai people, throughout their history, have been nomadic their tribes travelling hundreds of miles across the Middle East to winter near the Persian Gulf. Their history and culture is rich in both struggle and inspiration which greatly influences the designs and motifs found in their carpets and give them an unusual sense of spontaneity and aliveness. These carpets are usually woven by the women of the tribe who, defying the modern practice of using commercial dyes, continue to almost exclusively use natural vegetable and plant dyes and follow the more traditional weaving techniques. Their family carpets are greatly treasured and they have a saying: “Where I am is my carpet. Where my carpet and I am is my home.”
    Persian, mid 1950s.

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    Length Width
    94 18"
    239 cms
    62 316"
    158 cms
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