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Restoration & Installation

When items are sold they are given priority in our workshops and meticulously checked over before release to shippers. Restoration under all headings, marble and stone masonry, wood carving, cabinetry and metal work etc. is carried out in-house by our skilled craftsmen.

Installation considerations for Antique Period and Prestigious Fireplaces

Prior to buying:

Ascertain maximum and minimum dimensions for the fireplace overall and its opening:

These will very much relate to :

  • Width and height of chimneybreast or fireplace wall.
  • Width and height of firebox and if it can be widened or reduced.
  • Size of the chimney flue, this will determine the size of the fireplace opening so that there is enough draft to evacuate all the smoke / gases up the chimney. 

Check the Flue for Leaks – if you are living in a elderly or period building, from 1930s Art Deco back through Victorian to Georgian and earlier your flue or chimney may have developed cracks or faults. Such faults can be remedied by a mason builder or installer who would use various tests to determine if and the extent of any faults.. The easy solution for making the chimney flue for an antique fireplace installation safe and efficient is by putting in a flexible tubular flue lining. The maximum diameter lining should be chosen as this will determine the size of the opening of the actual antique fireplace mantel.

Ventilation or air supply into the room, also so that there is enough of a draft for the size of the flue / opening.

Consider acceses for delivery. Consider the weight bearing issues possibly requiring strengthening of the floor for heavier chimneypieces. Seek professional qualified advice...... Talk to your architect and builder / installer.

After buying:

Expert advice concerning most of the above can be obtained from a CORGI qualified installer who should also carry out the installation as there are particular considerations and safety regulations involved. We can advise you in general terms and recommend a qualified installer.

Hearth: This can be decided once the actual chimneypiece has been chosen. If the existing hearth is to be replaced for aesthetic or size reasons it could be made in serviceable matt black slate or marble to complement the fireplace, and either to the width of the footblocks or to the extent of the shelf, and forward of the footblocks.. usually 12- 18” in front…and flush with or proud to the floor boards.

The final touches would relate to choosing an antique fire grate or fire dogs / andirons, complemented by some handsome fire tools of poker , shovel and tongs…..and the crowning glory would be an appropriate antique overmantle mirror or a suitable painting or even an ornate antique grill.