Choosing the right accessories for your antique fireplace - Our Guide

02 September 2019

Choosing the Right Accessories For Your Fireplace


When it comes to accessorising your fireplace, making the correct choices can bring new life to an often overlooked space.

Whether you’re looking to make a statement or just add a touch of character, this guide will help to refresh your antique fireplace with the aid of just a few items.

Building a strong base


You can create a more imposing and impressive fireplace through the addition of several items.

By introducing a cast iron fireback, the interior of your fireplace is easily transformed into a striking feature that really catches the eye.

Purchasing an antique fireback can also add a sense of grandeur that can become the basis of further accessorising.

The boldness of a fireback has the additional benefit of offering great contrast to modern furnishings and is suitable for both open and bricked-up fireplaces.

Alternatively, introducing a fire screen will add a depth to your fireplace decorations, and also screen the interior if it’s not in use or a little unsightly!

With potential styles ranging from - but not limited to - Rococo, Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau, it’s possible to select a fire screen that not only provides the room with extra elegance, but accentuates the qualities already present within the fireplace.

Fuelling the fire


When looking for an easy way to bring some life back to your fireplace, a choice of two simple additions can give the illusion of a fireplace ready to burn!

By introducing andirons or firedogs - such as our own Baroque style pair - you can achieve the look of a working fireplace while maintaining a minimalistic quality.

Another benefit of using andirons is that they can add a touch of elegance that is likely to compliment most fireplaces and there are a variety of sizes available.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something with a bit more presence while still providing life to your fireplace, a fire grate may offer the perfect solution.

The common use of cast iron, steel and brass work well when attempting to develop the character and allure of both room and fireplace.

By simply adding logs to either one of these accessories, you can transform a lifeless fireplace to one that really draws attention and gives off a traditional feel.

Completing the look

It is still possible to add class and personality to a fireplace while not detracting from its overall appeal.

If you’re looking to accessorise your fireplace without making huge changes to it, then certain items will help you achieve this.

Items you can find in a fire tool companion set - such as tongs, poker, shovel and brush - can achieve both practicality and elegance.

Mixing practicality and beauty, bring an element of the fireplace into the room by placing these accessories next to the chimney

Similarly, a log bin can be positioned on the other side of the fireplace, resulting in a more balanced and harmonious finish.

On top of the mantel

Whether your mantelpiece is wood, marble or stone, an effective way to introduce some shelf appeal is to use this space to display some of your most treasured items.

There are various accessories that you can use to add a personal touch to your fireplace, such as photographs and trinkets.

However, some of the items you may like to incorporate onto your mantelpiece could include antique sculptures or antique clocks that can add more gravitas to your fireplace as a whole.

This gives you the opportunity to accessorise while adding elements of your personality onto your fireplace.

The last embers

When deciding to accessorise your fireplace, it really is up to you how you incorporate certain items to match your idea of a perfect space.

It’s important that your personality shines through and reflects what your home is trying to achieve.

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