Art Deco Bedroom Ideas: How to Design an Art Deco Bedroom

04 March 2024

You don’t have to be an interior designer to create an Art Deco-inspired bedroom. Your bedroom is a home within your home, a sanctuary from everyday life – such an important space deserves to be cared for and should be somewhere you can enjoy.

The Art Deco style lends itself perfectly to the escapist role of the modern bedroom. Its timeless elegance and luxury are transformative.

Whether you’re planning a complete Art Deco-inspired makeover of a master bedroom or simply want to try a modern take on Art Deco, we have some great tips for creating Art Deco bedrooms.

The Art Deco style

The Art Deco style flourished in the 1920s and developed into the 1930s

The Art Deco style flourished in the 1920s and developed into the 1930s. It symbolised elegance and wealth through simple, clean shapes and geometric, stylised forms. The architecture and design of the Aztecs and the Ancient Egyptians heavily influenced the opulent detailing of the style.

The Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building are prime examples of Art Deco movement architecture. Meanwhile, the interior of the Dorchester Hotel is an excellent example of a classic Art Deco interior.

The Art Deco movement is still a popular style in the modern day. Its clean lines and classic sense of grandeur make it easy to blend with other styles and incorporate into many interior design schemes. Below, we will discuss ways to create an Art Deco bedroom.

Incorporating Art Deco elements into your bedroom

Colour palette

Gold highlights create a sense of grandeur that is characteristic of Art Deco

Great colours could be deep blue or rich grey, which will contrast beautifully with ornate detailing and any bold geometric patterns and motifs. Failing that, simple black and white provide an excellent backdrop against which to stage interesting pieces of furniture and bold patterns.

Gold is an Art Deco staple when considering the colours for patterns and detailing on furniture. Gold highlights create a sense of grandeur that is characteristic of Art Deco.


Art Deco is a style that relies heavily on contrast. Opulent detailing set against a dark or neutral background is a vital feature of the style.

Mixing metals can also help create an Art Deco feel and provide some depth when paired with an otherwise monochromatic colour palette. Silver and gold are typical of the Art Deco style; however, bronzes may help add some warmth to a space.

Art Deco patterns and motifs

Bold geometric patterns are a crucial part of Art Deco design

Bold geometric patterns are a crucial part of Art Deco design. Stylised motifs, such as the recognisable sunburst, are essential to creating an Art Deco aesthetic.

Bold geometric shapes and patterns could be introduced into an Art Deco-inspired bedroom as a patterned rug or curtains. Look for bold patterns with geometric accents that contrast with the base colour of the item; for example, a deep blue rug with a white fish scale pattern or even an animal print rug.

Choosing furniture with geometric patterns and motifs can also be a great way to include them in your Art Deco bedroom; for example, this 1920s Art Deco wicker chair with its diamond motif. The curved lines of the chair could also complement any straight lines and geometric designs that surround it.

Art Deco furniture and fixtures

No Art Deco-inspired bedroom would be complete without Art Deco furniture and fixtures. Items like chairs, wall lights, and ornate headboards can easily be incorporated into a bedroom to create an Art Deco aesthetic.

Look for bold geometric shapes, clean lines, and ornate detailing in the pieces you add to your bedroom.

These Italian side chairs are excellent examples of Art Deco design. Their back rails are geometric shapes.

Meanwhile, their turned legs, floral detailing, and scalloped aprons evoke a sense of grandeur that one might find in Aztec and Ancient Egyptian architecture. The natural wood of their frames also makes them ideal for mixing with a range of colour schemes.

A bold centrepiece

Art Deco bedrooms should make a statement

Art Deco bedrooms should make a statement. A bold centrepiece can convey the grandeur and luxury of the Art Deco style. An Art Deco bed, headboard, or a classic sunburst mirror could be an excellent focal point for an Art Deco bedroom. A centrepiece may work exceptionally well in a master bedroom.

If you have a fireplace in your bedroom, an Art Deco antique fireplace could be precisely the focal point you’re looking for.

For example, this Art Deco fireplace surround in Saint Jacques Limestone. The rich colour of the stone, coupled with the classically inspired fluted jambs and floral detailing, are typical of the Art Deco style and make this fireplace an excellent focal point.

An Art Deco chandelier would also make a great statement piece if you don't have a fireplace in your bedroom.

For example, this large Art Deco spiral ceiling light from our collection is a classic example of Art Deco design style. It is an excellent way to incorporate some Art Deco glamour into a bedroom.

When considering a centrepiece for your Art Deco bedroom, ensure it makes a statement and pulls the room together. You may even consider designing your Art Deco bedroom around the centrepiece.


We hope these tips and suggestions have given you some design ideas for creating Art Deco bedrooms.

Art Deco is a varied and versatile style. This list of suggestions is by no means exhaustive, and there is a lot of scope for adding your own touch to Art Deco interiors. See where your creativity takes you.

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