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A very fine antique Carrara Marble statue of the Goddess Eiar, one of The Four Seasons



Stock No.13323

A tall and beautifully carved Carrara Marble statue of Eiar, Goddess of Springtime and one of the Goddesses of The Four Seasons. She is standing on an octagonal plinth and is holding a tumbling festoon of flowers representing the abundance of Springtime. She may have come from the gardens of an English country estate. As found before restoration. English, mid to late 19th century.

Notes: The Four Seasons were depicted in mythology as the personification of nature in its different seasonal aspects. Theros (Summer), Phthinoporon (Autumn), and Cheimon (Winter) were the other three. They were said to guard the gates of Olympus, promoting the fertility of the earth and both presiding over and directing the stars and constellations.

Width Height Depth
18 12"
47 cms
65 58"
166.5 cms
20 12"
52 cms

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