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A gilt brass Dance of the Maenads lamp base



Stock No.15381

A Neoclassical style gilded brass table lamp. The main body of the lamp bears a frieze depicting a Dionysiac procession, with its depictions of Maenads taken from a monument to Dionysus the God of the grape-harvest, wine making, fertility, ritual madness and religious ecstasy. Here, Dionysius is not only accompanied by the Maenads, but also Satyrs who are dancing in abandonment .The females are collectively The Thiasus, members the God's ecstatic retinue. Their name translates literally as " The Raving Ones".

French, circa 1890.

The base is painted to resemble marble.

Diameter Height Base
8 1116"
22 cms
22 1316"
58 cms
7 18"
18 cms

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