A selection of English, Scottish, Irish and European Baroque antique fireplaces, chimneypieces and mantels, including Bolections, in wood, stone and marble.

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Antique Baroque design, which evolved in the 1600s, was preceded by the Mannerist movement and followed by the Rococo style. Grand and impressive it orginated in Italy and subsequently developed in France, Germany, Bohemia, Poland, Spain, the Ukrain, Belgium and England.  Architects such as Wren, ( St Pauls Cathedral ) Vanbrugh, ( Castle Howard ) & Hawksmoor, ( St Lukes, Spitalfields ) revelled in it's grandeur. English town and country Antique Baroque fireplaces, which are themselves edifices in miniature, proliferated. This monumental, bold and heroic style, noted for its manifest qualities of endurance, was regarded as protective and reassuring, and often deeply affected the emotions. 
An Antique Baroque fireplace, chimneypiece or mantels from our large collection would add an element of drama to any home or property.