Antique Wood Fireplaces

Browse our large collection of antique wooden fireplaces, mantels and chimneypieces in a selection of mahogany, oak, walnut and pine. Styles range from Jacobean and Renaissance to Art Deco and Art Nouveau.

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Antique Wooden Mantels

Antique wooden fireplaces have been enjoyed for centuries. From the earliest examples, heavily carved and worn with time, to strikingly simple Arts and Crafts fireplaces, we try to stock a variety of styles and sizes. Antique wooden mantels are a fabulous way of injecting character into a property, or just making a statement. The appeal of wooden mantels is perhaps their diversity. Wood is a fantastic material to carve, capable of being hewn into numerous forms and being used on projects that vary in scale enormously. These Antique wood fireplace mantels encapsulate a moment in history and a period style.

Antique Oak Fireplaces

Antique oak fireplaces conjure images of inviting country houses with a crackling open fire, a place to welcome guests and family members. Antique oak fireplace mantels bring to mind a rustic country interior, with a substantial focal point and an inviting open fire. They have been a focus of domestic life for centuries. Oak fireplaces mantels range from the earliest of inglenooks to the rustic charm of the arts and crafts movement.

Antique Pine Mantels

Pine fireplace mantels were used widely in the 18th century, and perhaps most famously by the renowned Architect Robert Adam. The most highly sought after of antique pine mantels are almost certainly those that can be attributed to Adam, or those which closely resemble his iconic neoclassical designs with gesso decoration. These antique pine fireplaces were often painted so as to resemble their more expensive marble counterparts or to suit the colour scheme of the room. Antique pine mantels are very rarely found in their original paint, so can be left bare, or painted to a desired finish.

Antique Wood Fireplaces

Wooden fire surrounds are easy to look after, as they can be treated much like antique wooden furniture. We often buy chimneypieces that have been worn and damaged with time, and in our workshops we can restore them to their former glory. Antique wood fireplaces are often carved from rare and beautiful woods that are hard to source today. To buy antique is a more environmentally friendly way to source pieces for the home as buying an antique means that new trees don’t need to be felled and you avoid the risk of purchasing unethically sourced wood.
If you would like any advice on what wooden fireplace to select for your home, do not hesitate to contact us.