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A very fine and large Rococo style antique chimneypiece



Stock No.8282

The Chateau au Maquis de la Valette Cheminee. This superb massive antique fireplace mantel, superbly carved in Pierre de Brume, a fine, hard & dense ivory coloured stone from the Tours region of France, is a very large Louis XV Rococo antique fireplace mantel. The styling is particularly grand and noble as befits the location of the original, destroyed by fire during the revolution, this being a 19th century replica made for the rebuilt Chateau. The style and scale of the piece, very fine, sharp carving and the attractive stone combine to make a most elegant and imposing chimneypiece in the best Louis XV tradition. Provenance: The original Medieval chateau and domaine of the Marquis de Valette at Pont St. Maxence, 50 miles north of Paris was severley damaged during the Revolution. It was rebuilt in the same style in the mid 19th century – see present day image attached. The chimneypieces were removed early during World War II when the German Wehrmacht garrisoned troops in the Chateau, they were never reinstalled. The Marquis de Valette accompanied La Fayette on his American adventures during the War of Independence.
French, circa 1850 (photo before restoration ).

width height depth
external 98"
248.9 cms
154.9 cms
50.8 cms
internal 67"
170.2 cms
46 12"
118.1 cms

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