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A rare Antique Arts & Crafts cast iron 'Stove Front' Register Grate



Stock No.13614

A very rare decorative Arts and Crafts cast iron register grate or stove front with finely crafted semi-nude female figures perched either side of the arched castellated opening and with delicate bronze detail of birds and entwined foliage on the spandrels. Purportedly designed by Alfred Stevens Reg'd mark for the year 1854 (an iron-stove-front designed by Stevens for Messrs Henry E. Hoole & Co Ltd.
English mid 19th century.

Notes: Between 1850 and 1857 Alfred Stevens was involved in the design and modelling of grates and fenders for Messrs Hoole and Co at their Green Lane Works in Sheffield. They were manufacturers of stoves, fenders, and other iron work of a similar and as a result retaining the services of Stevens and of exhibiting at The Great Exhibition in 1851, they found themselves famous as makers of fire-places of exquisite design and due mostly to Stevens designs they produced works above others of their kind.

Width Height Depth
44 18"
112 cms
41 1116"
106 cms
3 78"
10 cms
61 cms
30 12"
77.5 cms

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