Firegrates | Baroque | Andirons, Fire dogs and Chenets | Stock No: 11902

Baroque style pair of cast iron griffin and lion Fire Dogs



Stock No.11902

A VERY LARGE PAIR OF CAST IRON FIREDOGS IN THE BAROQUE MANNERIST STYLE, one surmounted with a griffin the other a lion both rampant & holding scrolls each with a Latin motto " QVID RETRIBVAM DO ( God Be Thanked.) and SEQUOR NEC INFERIOR ( I follow but am not Inferior ) the motto of the Crew family referring to loyalty to a monarch. Inscribed on ribbons held by the Heraldic beasts, scrolled capitals over florally decorated shafts and horned Satyrs over arched bases centred with lion masks. English, 19th century.

width height
14 58"
37 cms
34 14"
87 cms

Link to: Antique Andirons, Fire Dogs, Alare and Chenets

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