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Heraldic nickel plated brass antique andirons



Stock No.10114

CHATEAU DE BLOIS, LOUIS XII JEANNE D'ARC. A pair of remarkable High Gothic Nickel Plated Brass Andirons. A shield on each arched crocketed lancet at the base , with a Porcupine, the Heraldic Beast of Louis XII, identical to that on a Portal of the wing built by him at the Chauteau de Blois in the Loire Valley, with associations of Joan of Arc. She set out from there to deliver Orleans from the English in 1429. French 19th century.

width height depth
Maximum 17 78"
45.5 cms
32 18"
81.5 cms
56 cms

Link to: Antique Andirons, Fire Dogs, Alare and Chenets

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