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Alabaster Bust of Sir Walter Scott

Stock No.15764

A rare Scottish 19th century alabaster bust of Sir Walter Scott, after the original by Sir Francis Chantrey. The bust depicts Scott with an intelligent gaze, a lowland plaid over his shoulders.
Scottish, c.1840.

Photograph before restoration.

Notes: Chantrey's original bust was made in 1820 and given to Scott in 1828 'as a token of esteem'. Scott wrote to his wife on 20 March 1820, 'Chantrey's bust is one of the finest things he ever did. It is quite the fashion to go to see it - there's for you' (J. G. Lockhart, Life of Sir Walter Scott, III, p 377) Sir Francis Chantrey's 1820 bust of Sir Walter Scott portrays the author with his head turned slightly to the right and a Lowland plaid arranged round his shoulders as in this rare copy. James Hogg wrote that 'Sir Walter Scott in his study, and in his seat in the Parliament-house, had rather a dull, heavy appearance, but in company his countenance was always lighted up, and Chantrey has given the likeness of him there precisely' (Domestic Manners of Sir Walter Scott, p. 113.).

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