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3828. THE BLACK PRINCE . A large gilt framed oil on canvas portrait, in the original Regency gilt frame, of Edward Plantagenet, Prince of Wales, Prince of Aquitaine , aka The Black Prince, born Woodstock Palace 1330, died Palace of Westminster 1376. He was the son of Edward III one of the most successful English Monarchs, in an age of Medieval Heroism and English military supremacy against France, inflicting the ruinous defeats at the Battles of Crecy, and Poitiers. English, early 19th century.

PROVENANCE : Painted by BENJAMIN BURNELL R.A 1790-1826, exhibited at Royal Academy in 1818, hung at Queens College, Oxford in the Great Hall. Given to the college by Dr Smith, Catalogued " Paintings in Oxford Colleges ".
Ensuite with Stock No 3829, Henry V.

width height
with frame 53 1116"
136.5 cms
67 14"
171 cms
without frame 41 78"
106.5 cms
51 58"
131 cms

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