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A Victorian painted antique armorial hatchment



Stock No.12550

A well painted antique Victorian armorial hatchment, within a gilt and ebonised frame, from the19th century with the letters OBHT and the date 1 FEBRII 1852 surrounding a knights helmet set above a shield, with three cross pattee beneath a crown, and a crowned rampant lion dexter. Wear commensurate with age.
English dated 1852.

Notes: A hatchment is a large coat of arms, usually painted on a wood and canvas frame, and were carried at the front of the funeral procession after which they were erected over the door of a deceased person's house. Diamond in shaped the hatchment stayed in place for one year, after which it was moved to the parish church where it was usually hung on a wall. Hatchments were used in Britain from the 17th century, and the last recorded use was in 1942 at Over Kellet church in Lancashire. Some churches display numerous hatchments spanning centuries of local gentry families and thus are a good source of information about local history. Look for hatchments over nave arcades or on the walls of transepts.

width height
39 38"
100 cms
39 38"
100 cms

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