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A Rare Italian Piaggio Seaplane Propeller



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A rare walnut laminated aircraft two bladed propeller, the markings denoting that it was intended for the Isotta Francini 7 370 HP engine powering an early 1930's Italian Piaggio Seaplane. There was much cross licensing between aero engine and propeller manufactures and this one greatly resembles designs by Dr H.C.Watts of the Weybridge Airscrew Co of the 1930s. They made the two bladed propellers for the first Hurricanes and Spitfires, which during the course of WW II graduated to 3 and 4 bladed higher performance propellers made by ROTOL an alliance between Rolls Royce and Bristol aero companies. From a private collection of early aeroplane propellers.
English 1930's

RINALDO PIAGGIO were a North Italian airframe construction Company founded in 1884, of considerable standing who specialised in marine aircraft until the factory was obliterated by allied aircraft in the 1940's. They resumed after the war producing the ubiquitous Vespa scooters and still produce mostly executive and airline feeder aircraft.

106 14"
270 cms

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