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A pair of early 20th century alabaster urns and plinths



Stock No.13844

A large pair of superbly carved antique, translucent white Alabaster urns, on alabaster plinths, in celebration of Bacchus the God of Wine. The main body is decorated with bands of Acanthus leaves and Bacchanalian masks. The handles are flamboyantly carved and pierced in the form of rearing Griffins, the flared top rims are draped with entwined vines and bunches of grapes and tendrils.
English mid 19th century.

The matching hexagonal Alabaster plinths are a later addition. early 20th century.

width hight depth
without plinth 13 1316"
35 cms
36 1316"
93.5 cms
12 58"
32 cms
with plith 13 1316"
35 cms
70 1116"
179.5 cms

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