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A SET OF FOUR FRAMED LARGE ENGRAVED PRINTS.. VERITABLE SOCIAL COMMENTARY DOCUMENTS.. if you will.. early 19th century period prints featuring early Victorian Gentlefolk.. enfranchised in their progressing civilised, organised ... by default , in the idealistic evolving culture.. to vote in the developing structure.. in their somewhat idyllic /comfortable/ happy, lively and innocent settngs in this treasured period of progress and fought for... arguably earned over centuries years of adversity.. privledged World , well deserved in the context of the times ..But just look at the Rockwellian social detail...Passing the Port.. one can imagine the visitors horses tethered outside..snorting, awaiting the trot home in the moonlight to the rectory or manor house..owls and foxes going about their affairs. A meeting with the Lawyer, backdropped by his filing system. his manageable chaos..working with ability, knowhow and effect...the laboriously prepared documents under scrutiny, the fine chimneypiece, the practical functional understated furniture.. everything in this room, probably in somewhere like Bedford Square, so comforting to the 21st century eye. The Squire with his pals and Butler, clearing the table and imbibing. And then the elderly Squires gracious elderley Lady with her younger companion with their fabrics..quilts..which women relate to..even today, so beguilingely. Elegantly civilised Humanity like this ... was / is / can be.. so desireable. It's not too late. sic WSC... & GW. English early 20th century.


Listed Price: £1,400 Each( + vat in EU zone )

approx width approx height
56 cms
18 18"
46 cms

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