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Neoclassical & Georgian, including Adam and Palladian, English, Scottish, Irish & Italian antique fireplaces, mantels and chimneypieces in marble, stone and wood.

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  • 8395: A large elegant George III antique fireplace surround carved in pine & gesso in the style of Adam.The central plaque decorated with Arabesque floral scrolls and urns, set on a stop fluted frieze flank
    Stock No. 8395 £8,950 + VAT
  • 14397: A fine Edwardian Georgian style Statuary and inlaid Verde Antico marble chimneypiece, with a moulded shelf above inlaid dentil detail, an inlaid fluted frieze with a central tablet of cavorting cherub
    Stock No. 14397 POA
  • 7667: A fine Rococo style antique pine fireplace surround in the Georgian manner, with a richly carved floral frieze centred by a large shell cartouche and with lambs tongue, egg & dart undershelf carving a
    Stock No. 7667 £4,500 + VAT
  • 14436: A large and stately Palladian style columned antique fireplace mantel in beautiful finely veined green Campan Marble. The colonnade frieze set with small panels alternating with fluted piers, the jamb
    Stock No. 14436 £14,000 + VAT
  • 14311: A fine George III white Statuary Marble antique chimneypiece in the manner of Robert Adam. The fluted frieze, centred by a tablet depicting three seated musical maidens, is flanked by further musical
    Stock No. 14311 POA
  • 14147: A refined and elegant Edwardian Neoclassical style antique fireplace, in white statuary and Verdi Antico marble. The central plaque is decorated with a finely carved urn surrounded by bell flower swag
    Stock No. 14147 POA
  • 13632: A beautifully carved, highly ornate late 18th century pine and applied gesso twin columned antique chimneypiece. The under shelf, embellished with delicate acanthus leaf detail also seen throughout th
    Stock No. 13632 £9,500 + VAT
  • 10203: A large and fine antique Palladian style chimneypiece in the manner of William Kent (1685-1748). Carved in pure white Statuary Marble and with Breche Violette, endblocks and ingrounds, it has a promin
    Stock No. 10203 POA
  • 8733: A compact but imposing Georgian Specimen Marble fireplace mantel in white Statuary, Verde Antico and Convent Siena marbles. The breakfront shelf sits above the frieze with Verde Antico green marble fl
    Stock No. 8733 POA
  • 11116: A carved Georgian Neo Classical chimneypiece in statuary marble with Siena marble ingrounds.The large center tablet carved with a floral urn, and bellflower pendants flanked byfluted frieze panels and
    Stock No. 11116 £18,500 + VAT
  • 11718: A Neoclassical style white statuary antique marble chimneypiece with a deeply moulded shelf, the plain frieze centred by a central plaque decorated with a bell flower swag. The fireplace opening is bo
    Stock No. 11718 £7,800 + VAT
  • 8512: A large and grand painted pine & gesso Adam style Georgian fireplace surround. The breakfront shelf over a foliate decorated central tablet and frieze, supported on tapered columns with Ionic capitals
    Stock No. 8512 £5,000 + VAT
  • 13801: A highly decorative carved pine chimneypiece mantel in the George III style. 
The central plaque on the frieze, depicting three putti carrying a deer, is flanked by floral and fruiting swags. The twin
    Stock No. 13801 £4,800 + VAT
  • 13813: A carved pine antique chimneypiece in George II style. The barrel frieze, well carved with scrolled floral decoration under the delicately carved and moulded shelf. The opening is bounded by richly ca
    Stock No. 13813 £2,500 + VAT
  • 12127: A late Georgian neoclassical fireplace surround in the manner of Robert Adam carved in white Statuary marble with yellow Sienna marble inlay. The wide breakfront shelf set over the fluted frieze centr
    Stock No. 12127 POA
  • 13331: A tall carved pine fireplace surround, in the George III manner, with a highly carved frieze of griffins, fruits and swags. Originally with coloured marble slips which we can supply in antique green C
    Stock No. 13331 £4,500 + VAT
  • 13512: An elegant 20th century Georgian style chimneypiece in Statuary and inlaid Sienna and Brocatelle marble.The frieze beneath the breakfront shelf embellished with inlaid sienna festoons and centred by a
    Stock No. 13512 POA
  • 13273: A fine late Georgian style pine and gesso fireplace surround the frieze centred by a plaque with wheatsheafs and bluebells flanked by floral garlands and classically styled urn endblocks above delicat
    Stock No. 13273 £8,500 + VAT
  • 13154: A grand and large George III twin columned warm toned pine and gesso Georgian chimneypiece with its original Carrara Marble slips. The fluted and athemion decorated frieze is centred by a plaque depic
    Stock No. 13154 £12,200 + VAT
  • 12713: A tall carved pine chimneypiece in the style of William Kent, with a prominent shelf above a frieze profusely carved with scrolling acanthus centred by a female mask.  Late 19th century.  Link to a se
    Stock No. 12713 £4,400 + VAT
  • 13470: An early 20th century Neo Classical style white statuary & porphyry marble fireplace surround, the fluted frieze centred with a 19th century tablet depicting putti gathering a grape harvest, with swag
    Stock No. 13470 £14,500 + VAT
  • 13386: A very smart late 18th century Statuary and Spanish Brocatelle inlaid marble chimneypiece, the central tablet carved with exquisite crossed leaf fronds and classical urn to the highest quality. The en
    Stock No. 13386 £24,000 + VAT
  • 9206: A Statuary,Sienna marble and Scagliola inlaid marble chimneypiece in the Adam style. The moulded shelf above an inlaid faux fluted freize centred by a rectangular tablet applied with a drapery hung ur
    Stock No. 9206 £9,800 + VAT
  • 12555: ' SPLENDEO TRITUS '.  A late Neoclassical carved walnut Chimneypiece in the manner of George III, very much inspired by Robert Adam. The centre tablet adorned with olive branches and the Latin motto w Sold
    Stock No. 12555 SOLD
  • 12738: A Georgian style white statuary marble chimneypiece with Giallao di Sienna yellow marble detail, the fluted frieze with a carved central tablet depicting musical instruments the lute and trumpet echoe
    Stock No. 12738 £17,500 + VAT
  • 13469: A small very decorative early 20th century Neoclassical style fireplace in statuary and antique red brown fossil marbles with an egg and dart moulded shelf over a guilloche frieze and central plaque a
    Stock No. 13469 £12,500 + VAT
  • 8259: Aesop's Fables 'The Fox, Stork and Pitcher' An elegant George III style antique mantle finely carved in white Statuary marble with Sienna marble side panels & ingrounds and Sienna fluted frieze panels
    Stock No. 8259 £24,000 + VAT
  • 11467: A large carved pine and limewood period Georgian Chimneypiece in the manner of Robert Adam. The varied and profusely carved detail on virtually every surface is of the highest quality and is typical o
    Stock No. 11467 £9,500 + VAT
  • 11466: A large period late Georgian pine Fireplace Surround well carved with egg and dart under the plain moulded shelf and around the opening. The frieze centred by a tablet carved with a ribboned fruit swa
    Stock No. 11466 £8,500 + VAT
  • 12221: A substantial and impressive late 19th century profusely carved pine and limewood  chimneypiece in the Georgian manner of Robert Adam. The frieze, with its exquisitely carved limewood detail, has a ce
    Stock No. 12221 £23,000 + VAT
  • 12563: A very rare survival of an example of a George III painted pine and gesso  Verre Eglomise chimneypiece with the original paint finish now pleasantly distressed. The rounded rectangular shelf sits abov
    Stock No. 12563 £9,500 + VAT
  • 7944: A decorative Neoclassical style chimneypiece in Statuary & Sienna marble with a moulded breakfront shelf above a central panel. This panel depicts a group of playful putti wrestling a ram, bearing a m
    Stock No. 7944 POA
  • 11666: A well proportioned George III chimneypiece in white statuary marble with Sienna marble inlay. The breakfront shelf is supported on the frieze with fluted side panels flanking a central tablet in Sien
    Stock No. 11666 POA
  • 10051: A Georgian style carved mahogany chimneypiece in the Adam revival manner,the breakfront shelf over a classical urn carved central tablet flanked by a panelled frieze and endblocks supported on fluted
    Stock No. 10051 £6,000 + VAT
  • 11468: A very well carved pine chimneypiece in the George III manner of Robert Adam.The delicate high quality carved detail is in limewood and includes repeated lambs-tongue on the top shelf moulding with we
    Stock No. 11468 £6,000 + VAT
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53 items

The Neoclassical style arose as a reaction to the flamboyant and energetic designs of both the Rococo and Renaissance periods. Its more formal, digified and greater simplicity of design respected order and decorum and established rules that became a distinct movement in the decorative and visual arts, literature, theatre, music and architecture throughout northern Europe from the mid 18th to the end of the 19th centuries. 

Our collection of Antique Neoclassical and Georgian fireplaces, chimneypiece and mantels, contains an impressive range in marble, stone and wood. They are great choices with which to make a statement in your home whether you're adding to existing Georgian and Neoclassical decor or you want to bring an element of period features to a more modern room design.

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