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    A set of eight embossed & painted leather panels, decorated with spear carrying mermen in combat with mythical sea monsters.
    Late 19th century.

    Width Height Depth
    24 316"
    61.5 cms
    10 38"
    26.5 cms
    0 316"
    0.5 cms
  • Stock: 10076

    A HISTORICALLY INTERESTING OIL PAINTING ON BOARD showing a captured 'Three Masted Frigate Under Sail At Sea' in the early 19th century. Well painted with realistic movement of the ship and the sea, it is signed with monogram on reverse & part of a London art galleries label.The interesting feature is that the Red Ensign is carried upside down at the stern in humiliation, indicating it is a captured British vessel, in this case by the post revolution French Navy whose tricolour flys at the Mainmast.. Circa 1871.

    NOTES : "THE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN "...See second image....A 17th century English ballad. Tradition has it that when Lord Cornwallis surrendered at the Siege of Yorktown (1781) to the Colonists in the War of Indpendance the British miltary band played this tune....The second image shows another painting, not on offer, depictiong the US Columbus of the Continental later the US Navy with a captured small British Brigantine /merhcantman, the Lord Lifford 1776 with the Red Ensign upside down. The Columbus flys the Grand Union flag of the British East India Company, with the Union flag in the top corner and stripes…which was the first flag of the US after indpendance later replaced by the Stars & Stripes.The Captain, John Paul Jones was a Scot, founder of the US Navy.

    Research so far has shown that the signature CHARLES H MOORE,on the reverse is probably not that of this artist, an American, who left a promising career as a painter to become among the first art historians at an academic institution in the United States at Princeton University. He died in Hampshire , England in the early 20th century century.

    Link to: Antique Paintings & Tapestries.

    width height
    16 78"
    43 cms
    33 cms
  • Stock: 12257

    A SET OF FOUR FRAMED LARGE ENGRAVED PRINTS.. VERITABLE SOCIAL COMMENTARY DOCUMENTS.. if you will.. early 19th century scenes featuring early Victorian Gentlefolk.. enfranchised... in their progressing, civilised, evolving culture.. to vote in the evolving society.. in their somewhat idyllic, comfortable, lively settngs... in this treasured period of progress. This estate, fought for... arguably earned, over centuries of adversity.. to an arrived at priviledged World presence.... Appreciate the Rockwellian social detail..

    PASSING the PORT : one can imagine the visitors horses tethered outside..pawing, snorting, awaiting the trot home in the moonlight to the rectory or manor house..owls and foxes going about their affairs....except that none of the guests are wearing riding boots...!

    A MEETING WITH THE LAWYER : Backdropped by his filing system....his essential manageable chaos..working with ability, knowhow and effect...the laboriously prepared documents under scrutiny, the fine chimneypiece, the practical, functional and understated quality but new furniture, new in those days.. everything in this room, probably in somewhere like Bedford Square, so comforting to the 21st century eye. Hopefully not discussing divorce formalities...

    "Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the librarian of Congress at Washington New York, the British Art publishers Union limited 15 East Seventeenth Street printed in London by J. Broocker & Co. "
    "London, published in 1895 by L.H Leferre 1st King Street, St James L.W. the proprietor."

    THE OLD SOLDIER / SQUIRE : Re living Waterloo... at table with his pals.. the Butler, the Irish Linen tablecloth cleared to relate a battle manoever, the embossed leather Dutch draft screen...paravent... and imbibing.

    And then the elderly Squires gracious Lady with her younger companion with the fourposter bed quilt.. their fabrics...which women relate to still today, so focused , knowingly, and beguilingely.

    Elegantly simple civilised Humanity like this ... so hauntingly atttactive, desireable..producing in todays language a considerable feel good factor. English early 20th century.

    width height depth
    32 78"
    83.5 cms
    27 1316"
    70.5 cms
    5 cms
  • Stock: 11563

    A TRIO OF MULTI COLOURED PRINTED CANVAS WALL TAPESTRIES in the Medieval style, this one depicting Medieval figures thronging a quayside, loading a sailing ship with baggage & supplies, including a fruit tree, and possibly preparing to migrate to The Americas. See also 11561 & 2.
    Late 19th early 20th century.

    Link to: Antique Paintings & Tapestries.

    width height
    35 38"
    90 cms
    99 cms
  • Stock: 11562

    A TRIO OF MULTI COLOURED PRINTED CANVAS WALL TAPESTRIES in the Medieval style, this one depicting Medieval figures gatherering grapes and tending the vines in a walled vineyard with a garlanded donkey in attendance.See also 11561 & 3.
    Late 19th early 20th century.

    Link to: Antique Paintings & Tapestries.

    width height depth
    54 14"
    138 cms
    60 316"
    153 cms
  • Stock: 11561

    A TRIO OF MULTI COLOURED PRINTED CANVAS WALL TAPESTRIES in the Medieval style, this one depicting Medieval musicians and servants around a naked female bather in a bath decorated with a lions mask spurting water into a pond in a field of flowers with trees and birds. See also 11562 & 3.
    Late 19th early 20th century.

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    width height
    62 316"
    158 cms
    55 78"
    142 cms
  • Stock: 11354

    An 18th century, possibly much earlier, gros and petit point needlepoint tapestry in the Flemish medieval style, of a lady and courtier flanked by a unicorn and lion bearing standards, in the millefleur tradition of the original, from which it is inspired. The original collection, known as " The Lady and the Unicorn " a series depicting the six senses, this one representing " Hearing ", are displayed in the Musee de Cluny in Paris.

    COMMENTS : Needlepoint tapestry dates from Ancient Egypt, 1600 BC, and was practised by 15th century Flemish craftsmen in this case from designs for the French Court. In this tapestry the lady plays a portative organ on top of a table covered with a Turkish rug. Her maidservant stands to the opposite side and operates the bellows. The lion and unicorn once again frame the scene holding up the pennants. Just as on all the other original tapestries, the unicorn is to the lady's left and the lion to her right - a common denominator to all the tapestries. In our example the positions are reversed. The Lady and the Unicorn: "Hearing" one of the famous series of Hearing, Smell, Sight, Taste, Touch...and Desire. Research continues.

    Link to: Antique Paintings & Tapestries.

    width height
    55 12"
    141 cms
    81 18"
    206 cms
  • Stock: 9868

    A study of figures upon a terrace. Oil on canvas by Francis Fairfax Ivimey, (1867 - 1946) the landscape painter born in St. Austell who lived most of his life in Newquay, Cornwall. Signed.
    English, 1900's

    Notes: Fairfax Ivimey's wife Julia Beatrice Ivimey was a self-taught painter in watercolours who exhibited in London and Paris from 1893.

    Link to: Antique Paintings & Tapestries.

    width height
    90 58"
    230 cms
    48 38"
    123 cms
  • Stock: 11259

    11259. A late 19th century framed picture showing the gathering of the hunt. Print on canvas. Signed E.F.Holt 1891....Edwin Frederick Holt (British, active1864-1897) specialised in paintings of dogs, horses and country scenes.Small damages, needs cleaning.

    width height depth
    35 38"
    90 cms
    27 316"
    69 cms
    1 1316"
    4.5 cms
  • Stock: 9422

    A SUITE OF EIGHT EMBOSSED POLYCHROME LEATHER PANELS…decorated with exotic birds within floral sprays in the Renaissance manner. These have been backed onto metal liners but not restored...retaining their original age patination. Flemish 19th century.

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    width height
    17 1116"
    45 cms
    31 14"
    79.5 cms
  • Stock: 13705

    A well painted studio portrait of a Spanish or Portugese Gentleman. Oil on canvas in a gilt and gesso well fitting frame, the painting in good clean condition, the mirror requiring minor restoration and revival of the gilding. The gentleman dress in a maroon frock coat with a black velvet collar, and a green embroidered waistcoat.

    width height depth
    33 78"
    86 cms
    41 1116"
    106 cms
    27 58"
    70 cms
  • Stock: 9866

    One of two early 19th century reverse glass prints depicting one of the continents 'Africa' the lady in traditional costume. Printed by P Stampa, 74 Leather Lane, London.

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    width height depth
    25.5 cms
    14 316"
    36 cms
  • Stock: 9757

    A late 18th century reverse print on glass 'Hope', gilt frame. Printed by P. Stampa, No.30, Leather Lane, Holborn, London, Nov 1799.

    Link to: Antique Paintings & Tapestries.

    width height depth
    10 316"
    26 cms
    14 316"
    36 cms
  • Stock: 9595

    THOMAS ROWLANDSON : A series of twenty eight prints in two glazed oak frames of 14 panels each depicting Dr Syntax in search of the Picturesque , by Thomas Rowlandson and Published by Rudolph Ackermann, London 1813........ Rowlandson travelled greatly around the British Isles and Europe , sketching scenes , oddities and incidents to be published by Ackerman in his various publications for the amusement of his readers. His friend the actor Bannister suggested he create an odd eccentric, pedantic character ...Dr English Don Quixote , through whose adventures he could humorously , but actually quite realistically , depict daily life , scenes , oddities of all classes and features of 18c England.

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    Width Height
    Each 66 18"
    168 cms
    13 58"
    34.5 cms
  • Stock: 9753

    9753. A small painted ceramic Wall Plaque In Relief, with inspiration from the Bayeux Tapestry....showing King Harold at his coronation with his soldiers and The Archbishop Stigand only months before William of Normandy & his army defeated him at the Battle of Hastings where Harold was killed. The Plaque is in Latin: "Hic Residet Harold Rex Anglorum Stigant Archieps" & translates as "Here Harold Resides King Of England Stigand Archbishop".

    width height depth
    33 cms
    22.8 cms
  • Stock: 9189

    9189. A very large Mural Painted Tapestry in the Flemish Renaissance manner. The central top inscription in Latin within a florally decorated border, the central field with intricately detailed Arabesque decoration and centred by Ceres, the Roman Agrarian goddess of Cereals and motherly love, holding a sickle and with wheat-ear coiffure.
    Flemish, late 19th century.

    Width Height
    165 38"
    420 cms
    292 cms
  • Stock: 9405

    A French 18th century, period Rococo carved giltwood frame , set within is a well executed painting of a " Fete Champetre" with actors supported by musicians performing before guests at a Country Estate/ Domaine . The restored and cleaned painting is 19th century.

    Fete Champetre…”a fête champêtre was often a very elegant form of entertainment involving on occasions whole orchestras hidden in trees, with guests sometimes in fancy dress.”

    Link to: Antique Paintings & Tapestries. .

    Width Height Depth
    152.5 cms
    23 316"
    59 cms
    4 14"
    11 cms
  • Stock: 8460

    A beautifully silk embroidered Japanese fighting cockerels, in full attack mode, embroidered onto black silk back cloths. From the late Edo era, circa 1800. ( in new glazed frames )
    ( Ensuite with 8460 )

  • Stock: 8459

    A beautifully silk embroidered Japanese fighting cockerels, standing astride, embroidered onto black silk back cloths. From the late Edo era, circa 1800. ( in new glazed frames )
    ( Ensuite with 8460 )

  • Stock: 7465

    A beautiful oil paint and gold leaf design on slate featuring ‘Saint Alban’ stylised as a medieval knight.
    English, circa 1850.

    width height depth
    28 1116"
    73 cms
    226.1 cms
    0 1116"
    1.9 cms
  • Stock: 5392

    A Brussels mythological tapestry, possibly by Jan of Jakob van der Goten.
    Woven in wools and silks, depicting to the left Minerva draped in a blue cloth with stars, holding a sceptre of wisdom, above her with a dove and before her various attributes of wisdom and war, and flanked by Jupiter, with a kneeling monarch in the foreground.
    Reweaving and patching. Late 17th century, circa 1680.

    width height depth
    external 103 12"
    262.9 cms
    274.3 cms
  • Stock: 4415

    A rare pair or repousse polychrome James I leather panels, the decoration representing the union of Scotland and England with the Scottish thistle, red rose of Henry VII and the white Yorkist rose of Richard III.
    Early 17th century, dated 1651.

    WIDTH (int) HEIGHT (int)
    19 1316"
    50.2 cms
    111.8 cms
  • Stock: 4372

    A polychrome roundel depicting girls pulling a lad on a riverbank. French 19th cenury, circa 1890.

    35.6 cms
  • Stock: 4295

    An interesting portrait of Clement Kynnersley wearing a black skull cap. He saved the ampulla - anointing spoon - used at the consecration of the King of England, from being destroyed at the time of Cromwell. Oil on canvas in a good carved 18th century frame.
    English circa 1640.

    width height
    61 cms
    29 12"
    74.9 cms
  • Stock: 4090

    An oval portrait of a young lady with it's original carved giltwood frame.
    Louis Phillipe, circa 1830.

    width height
    9 1316"
    24.8 cms
    13 12"
    34.3 cms
  • Stock: 3991

    Three heraldic Hatchment panels, oil on canvas.
    English, late 18th century, circa 1790.

    width height depth
    external 54 14"
    137.8 cms
    53 1116"
    136.5 cms
  • Stock: 3937

    A Berlin porcelain roundel of a young lady in the Renaissance style together with a repousse border.
    late 19th century circa 1890.

    width height depth
    external 10 316"
    26 cms
  • Stock: 3936

    A chinese polychrome tiled small four panelled screen.
    19th century, circa 1890.

    width height depth
    external 29 14"
    74.3 cms
    86.4 cms
  • Stock: 3829

    3829 HENRY V. A large oil on canvas portrait in the original Regency gilt frame of Henry V King of England (1413-1422) wearing a medallion with the cross of St George hanging from a chain around his neck.
    He was one of the great warrior kings of medieval England, famous for his victory against the French at the Battle of Agincourt. Born in Monmouth 9th August 1387 the son of the then future Henry IV he died suddenly in Bois de Vincennes near Paris on 31st August 1422 aged 35.
    Provenance: Painted by Benjamin Bernard R.A. it was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1818, was given to Queens College Oxford by Dr Smith & hung in the Great Hall there. Listed in Vol II of Mrs R L Poole's Catalogue of Oxford Portraits nos 8 & 13.
    English School early 19th century circa 1815.
    Ensuite with Stock No 3828 The Black Prince.

    width height
    with frame 52 316"
    132.5 cms
    67 14"
    171 cms
    without frame 39 38"
    100 cms
    49 38"
    125.5 cms
  • Stock: 3828

    3828. THE BLACK PRINCE . A large gilt framed oil on canvas portrait, in the original Regency gilt frame, of Edward Plantagenet, Prince of Wales, Prince of Aquitaine , aka The Black Prince, born Woodstock Palace 1330, died Palace of Westminster 1376. He was the son of Edward III one of the most successful English Monarchs, in an age of Medieval Heroism and English military supremacy against France, inflicting the ruinous defeats at the Battles of Crecy, and Poitiers. English, early 19th century.

    PROVENANCE : Painted by BENJAMIN BURNELL R.A 1790-1826, exhibited at Royal Academy in 1818, hung at Queens College, Oxford in the Great Hall. Given to the college by Dr Smith, Catalogued " Paintings in Oxford Colleges ".
    Ensuite with Stock No 3829, Henry V.

    width height
    with frame 53 1116"
    136.5 cms
    67 14"
    171 cms
    without frame 41 78"
    106.5 cms
    51 58"
    131 cms
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    Oil painted leather three panelled screen.Dutch 17th century. Photo before restoration .

    width height depth
  • Stock: 3779

    A painting of Southampton Harbour by Robert Leslie.
    Signed and dated 1887.

    width height depth
    external 36"
    91.4 cms
    61 cms
  • Stock: 3691

    THE GREAT FIRE OF LONDON, 1666 ...London Bridge...Oil painted leather four panel screen depicting The Great Fire of London from across the river Thames.
    19th century, circa 1890.

    223.5 cms
    72 316"
    183.5 cms
  • Stock: 3679

    An oil painting showing two cutters and a man of war.
    English, in the manner of Swaine, circa 1770.

    Link to: Antique Paintings & Tapestries.

    width height
    10 316"
    26 cms
    20.3 cms
  • Stock: 3200

    Painting of ship at sea.

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