Antique Panelling and Overmantels from Westland London

An impressive collection of fine antique panelling and antique overmantels including examples of antique wood panels in the Jacobean, Renaissance and Arts and Crafts manner.

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    An antique French carved oak chimneypiece and overmantel in the Renaissance style flanked by two full height cupboards concealed behind panelling. The high shaped pediment of the overrmantel is set above a gadrooned undershelf beneath which are a pair of strapwork panels with alternating reeded columns. The fireplace surround with a further gadrooned undershelf flanked by a pair of lions head masks above caryatid and strapwork jambs.
    French late 19th century.

    Shown here with fire basket SNo 14140 not included in the price.
    Now Stock No. 14818

    Link to a section showing full range of similar/related neo-classical chimneypieces

    Overall Width Height Depth
    external 181 78"
    462 cms
    320 cms
    27 58"
    70 cms
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    A SPLENDID AND WELL PROPORTIONED OAK PANELLED ROOM IN THE ENGLISH RENAISSANCE MANNER. The full suite including the original fireplace with a substantial green verde marble bolection insert & three decorative cast iron fire panels & fire bars; two fitted bookcases and one large matching free standing breakfront bookcase.

    The barrel shelf of the fireplace carved with interlinked scrolled mythical beasts, flanked by pairs of grotesque lion masks, supported on either side by pairs of male and female caryatid busts above tapering, carved pilaster jambs. The panelling above the fireplace is set with a large mirror the frame of which is carved in the manner of Grinling Gibbons. Original bell pushes are set either side of the fireplace and the panelling includes a charming concealed door.

    The two integrated bookcases with delicate cross-hatched glass fronted upper doors & locks, has hinges and screws of the finest quality silver plating. The central cupboard door of the free standng bookcase is set with a pair of ornate brass plaques depicting female figures in a rural setting. Note: The windows shown in the photograph are not included.

    Late Victorian early Edwardian 1895 – 1910.
    Known provenance.

    For dimensions please see last image

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    A large antique oak overmantel in the Jacobean manner, the carved moulded cornice over a stop fluted frieze with a central panel depicting a hunting scene, beneath which is a series of strapwork panels with two small shelves flanked by ornately carved volute columns.
    English early 19th century.

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    Width Height Depth
    56 18"
    142.5 cms
    34 18"
    86.5 cms
    7 18"
    18 cms
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    A suite of well-carved oak linenfold panelling forming a small salon in the Jacobean / Gothic Revival manner. Includes the original chimneypiece..Stock No 11453. Preliminary images before restoration. Total running length : 1157 cms inc chimneypiece = 39 ft..Height : 203.5 cms = 80" = 6' 8".

    PROVENANCE : By repute from an early 20th century transatlantic passenger liner with connections to Cammel Laird shipbuilders in Liverpool...extant 1824 to present day.

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    width height
    1138 cms
    80 18"
    203.5 cms
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    A SMALL ARTS & CRAFTS OAK PANNELLED ROOM ...with a stylised carved floral running motif on the top and middle frieze ...including three walls as shown, skirting and window surround.Full measurements etc available. Provenance and designer known. Preliminary images & drawing .Shown with Arts & Crafts stone chimneypiece 10543. English late 19th century.

    Overall Length. Average height
    762 cms
    79 78"
    203 cms
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    An extremely fine and rare carved Walnut and giltwood ceiling in the Rennaissance revival manner, with ensuite pair of doorways 10223 priced seperately. French / Italian 19th century, made to order in the English manner for Park Place, Remenham nr Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, built in 1871 by Architect Thomas Cundy in the French Renaissance manner for the Noble family. Now fully restored ready to install.
    English mid to late 19th century.

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    10222. An extremely fine and rare carved Walnut and giltwood ceiling in the Rennaissance revival manner, with ensuite pair of doorways 10223 priced seperately . French / Italian 19th century, made to order in the English manner for the PROVENANCE which was PARK PLACE , Remenham nr Henley on Thames , Oxfordshire , built in 1871 by Architect Thomas Cundy in the French Renaissance manner for the Noble family. Now fully restored ready to install.

    Width Length
    Overall Dimensions 168"
    426.7 cms
    685.7 cms
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    4870.A suite of 5 period Jacobean panels and 4 matching pilasters of slightly varying widths in Oak with ebony inlay. English 17th century elements rebuilt in the 19th .

    From left to right.
    1: H: 88.9" W: 22.2"
    2: H: 88.9" W: 8.6"
    3: H: 88.9" W: 27.6"
    4: H: 89.4" W 12.8"
    5: H: 88.9" W: 22.4"
    6: H: 88.9" W: 12"
    7: H: 86" W: 27"
    8: H: 88.9" W: 9"
    9: H: 89.6" W: 22.4"

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    CUERO DI CORDOBA : A quantity of Cuero di Cordoba, Cordoban embossed gilded and polychrome leather wall covering. Spanish 19th century possibly earlier.

    The panel repeat measures : Width: 55cms....Height: 100cms

    Overall total in rectangular format is : Width: 493cms....Height: 254cms.

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    Provenance :From the conservatory of a large villa in Bordeaux, South Western France.It consists of f 3 carved arch sections with Dado Panels - one square arch, 2 vertical trellis, 4 trellis ceiling sections forming a cross and miscellaneous sections for making good. French , late 19c.

    section widths height depth
    131 18"
    333 cms
    97 58"
    248 cms
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    THE SAVOY HOTEL LIFT CAR :A quantity of red lacquered mahogany panelling with raised gilded decoration.
    4 curved corner panels 39cm wide by 230cm high,
    3 section panels 140cm wide by 230cm high,
    1 doorway 110cm wide by 230cm high.
    Enclosing a space approximately:
    179cm by 149cms.

    Provenance: Savoy Hotel, London , 1930's.. We can provide further panels to match and extend the sections. Image below shows the Red Lift in operation in the Savoy Hotel in the 1920's.

    width height depth
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    PROVENANCE: This room has recently been removed by us together with 9061, the magnificent carved oak and stone chimneypiece, from KIRKDALE MANOR, NORTH YORKSHIRE, and is of pegged and mitre panelled construction, comprising eight blind strapwork carved diminishing pilasters divided by repeated seven-section rectangular graduated panels to a strapwork narrow frieze with corbelled, dentil and ogee cornice, and including two ten-panel doors with decorative iron handles, plates and hinges ( the doors 83.5 " high by 39 " wide by 2 " thick ) and two window seats over iron radiator vents of scroll pierced strapwork design and rectangular in shape, comprising six metal panels altogether, each 24.5"by 18.5", the panelling 143" high, length of room 37 ft, width of room 19.6 ft, bay of three windows 7.7 ft. deep & 18 ft wide.
    NB: The fireplace and overmantel are not included . Illustration, photo before restoration, cleaning and repolishing.

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    An antique Tudor Gothic Revival oak carved oak overmantel, the panels carved with Celtic style floral motifs, flanked by two male deity caryatids.
    English, Rebuilt in the 19th century with 17th century elements.

    Link to: Antique panelling and overmantels

    Width Height
    177.8 cms
    36 12"
    92.7 cms
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    8841. A richly carved oak Tudor Gothic overmantel, the three arched panels separated by male and female deity caryatids under Ionic capitals supporting scrolled acanthus leaf brackets.
    English, early 19th century.

    Width Height Depth
    63 1116"
    161.9 cms
    30 1116"
    78 cms
    5 14"
    13.5 cms
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    A Jacobean carved oak overmantle or headboard with earlier elements, the foliate stepped cornice above five arched inset panels, carved with flowerhead & scroll design against a punched ground and figural columns below mask capitols over a shallow shelf & s scroll carved frieze.
    17th century and later.

    Link to: Antique panelling and overmantels

    Width Height Depth
    83 12"
    212 cms
    122 cms
    5 78"
    15 cms
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    A large, 17th century Jacobean carved oak panel or overmantel, having moulded cornice supported on dentils above an arched chisel carved frieze, with guilloche borders carved with blind fretwork scrolling, fluted columns to sides and architectural style central panel
    English,17th century.

    Link to: Antique panelling and overmantels

    width height
    73 58"
    187 cms
    57 78"
    147 cms
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    A finely carved walnut overmantel.
    19th century.

    width height depth
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    A large carved oak overmantel made up of four fielded panels incorporating heraldic shields.
    English, 1800 & earlier.

    width height depth
    external 31"
    78.7 cms
    152.4 cms
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    7799. A Jacobean style panelled overmantel with carved decoration including four amorini masks and three deities over lion head masked caryatids.
    English, part 17th century (photo before restoration).

    width height depth
    154.9 cms
    37 12"
    95.2 cms
    5 316"
    13.3 cms
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    A finely carved oak overmantel in the Neo-Rennaissance manner with large rectangular inset panel with a scolled floral design centered by a satyrs mask over three smaller panels also with scrolled foliage carved out of the solid, and applied masks of Florentine nobility.
    English, 19th century (photo before restoration).

    width height depth
    190.5 cms
    106.7 cms
    5.1 cms
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    A set of 6 heavily carved Victorian oak panels in the Jacobean manner.
    English, circa 1820 (possibly earlier).
    Priced per panel.

    Link to: Antique panelling and overmantels

    width height depth
    76.2 cms
    142.2 cms
    5.1 cms
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    A superb Mahogany gentlemans library / study in the George III manner, with cross banded decoration, shown in situ before removal from a Notting Hill, London residence. Finely astragalled glazed Upper Bookcases, with cupboards and drawers below, fall front bureau, two arched alcoves, plain dentil mounted cornice, matching 6 panel single door. Mahogany chimneypiece with double columned overmantel, panelled sections on one return wall either side of the chimneypiece, either side and below the side window and returns, shelf either side of the main window, large fitted window seat, various other mahogany full height fillet skirting. All elements in excellent condition except polish is faded on secretaire wall. All bookcases and cupboards etc. are constructed as stand alone units. Floor plan and all measurements available.
    English, circa 1890.

    Provenance: A large house in Holland Park, West London.

    Link to: Antique panelling and overmantels

    width height length
    Room Size 192"
    487.7 cms
    246.4 cms
    594.4 cms
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