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An antique carved beech wood plaque depicting the Coat of Arms of the City of Manchester which was granted to the City in 1842. The City's motto is inscribed on the plaque and reads "Concilio et Labore" which loosely translated means "Wisdom and Effort".

The Coat of Arms depicts the Heraldic Antelope with its chain, a symbol of peace and harmony, extreme courage and discipline also representing the engineering industries; and the Heraldic Lion a symbol of bravery and strength, his crown, a castle is a reference to the ancient Roman fort of Castlefield. Each wears the Red Rose of Lancaster on their shoulders. They flank a central cabuchon depicting a ship representing the trading relationships of Manchester, and a globe covered in bees which in heraldic terms is a symbol of efficient industry. To this day the bee is often used as a shorthand emblem of Manchester.

English late 19th century.

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Listed Price: £1,200 ( + vat in EU zone )

width height
28 1116"
73 cms
11 14"
28.8 cms

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