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An antique French bronze figure of a young man with a seed pouch hung from an ornate belt at his waist who would originally have been holding aloft a sprig of wheat now sadly missing. He is standing astride sheaves of wheat, a cog ,a mallet and tools. The title " Per Laborem, Gloire et Fortune ", which loosely translates as Glory and Fortune from the Fruits of Labour, is inscribed on the base together with the name E. Picault who was French sculptor (1833 – 1915) best known for works depicting allegorical and patriotic subjects, and mythological heroes, and a small round stamp with the words " Vrai Bronze, BL , Garanti, Paris". French, late 19th, early 20th century.

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width height depth
7 12"
19 cms
61 cms
9 18"
23 cms

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