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A pair of fine bronze amorial gate post finials in the form of mythological goats with cloven hooves each holding elaborately scrolled cartouche with mounted sextupled shields bearing two heart gules ensigned with a royal crown, a rampant lion, three roses, and two rows of stars. The first quarter represents the arms of Douglas described as: Argent, a heart imperially crowned proper[i.e. gules, crowned gold] on a chief azure three mullets (stars) of the field. Sir James Douglas known as “the good” made the journey to the Holy Land while carrying the Heart of Robert the Bruce in the 13th century, perhaps this explains his family arms. Beneath this, is the arms of Dunbar, a rampant lion bordered by roses. Sir James was married in 1372 to Agnes Dunbar, daughter of Sir Patrick Dunbar. The top right quarter is believed to be the arms of the Fraser clan.

Mounted on temporary stone blocks.
Late 19th century.

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Listed Price: £5,800 pair( + vat in EU zone )

Width Height Depth
12 58"
32 cms
27 38"
69.5 cms
19 14"
49 cms

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