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" THE ASCENT OF MAN "...A monumental elaborately carved stele representing creatures trhough the evolution of the earth's species. In ivory toned English alabaster, built in five sections and profusely carved in high and low relief depicting quite accurately primeval vegetation, sea-dwelling life forms, ammonites & nautilus. Further images showing extinct vertebrates, marine reptiles & shoals of fish. Main features being A Woolly Mammoth..originating in the Pliocene epoch 4.8 million years ago... a Pterodactyl...65 million years ago and so on... a giant Toad & Iguanadons. The tapering circular shaft with carved acanthus leaves said to represent the intervening evolutionary stages to the present represented by the upper section carved with three figural groups of man and woman standing on the capital of the column, supporting a crown. Designer : Phillp C Thicknesse, late 19th century who also designed the designed the zoology building at Liverpool University. English, Circa 1880.

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height approx
292 cms

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