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An early 20th century heraldic fire back



Stock No.14570

An impressive 20th century armorial cast iron fire back with a nautical/marine theme. A pair of erect sea lions, each holding a spear, sit above the Latin motto " Fit Via Vi " that can be translated as “The way is forged by strength”. They are supporting a shield upon which can be seen a hand sinister above a pair of bishops mitres above a castle. The shield is surmounted by a coronet or crown above which is a galleon in full sail. Two further erect sea lions are top left and top right each holding an anchor. The fireback has a rope twist border broken at the top by the galleons mast.
English, circa 1920.

Notes: A heraldic sea lion is a mythical beast with the top half of an heraldic lion and the bottom half being that of a fish’s tail.

Width Height Depth
35 58"
90.5 cms
24 38"
62 cms
1 316"
3 cms

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