Stock No: 16302

A signed bronze patinated plaster figure of Venus holding a torch, signed by Humphrey Hopper (1777-1841). The figure holds a torch aloft whilst also holding drapery about her body, as one foot rests on a jar, and her body rests against a Roman style dolphin.
Could be wired if desired. See 15536 for Hopper's model of a Vestal Virgin.

Notes: Humphrey Hopper (1765-1844) started his career as a stonemason. At the age of 36 he entered the Royal Academy Schools to study sculpture. He was a successful student, winning a silver medal in December 1802. Part of his output at the time was tasteful decorative work in plaster. This included graceful, classical nymphs and vestals designed to hold lamps, such as this piece.

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Listed Price: £2,500 (+VAT where applicable)

Width Height Depth
Overall 17 1116"
45 cms
48 1316"
124 cms
17 1116"
45 cms

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