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A large oil on canvas armorial Heraldic hatchment. The crescent symbols usually represent either Crusader adventures of the family or a second son. The animal could be a Panther and the gilt foliate decoration is in the Rococo manner indicating a probable date of around 1750. English, mid 18th century.

Notes: Hatchments were commemorative plaques or canvas panels representing the Heraldic Coats of Arms of prominent noble families placed in public buildings and churches of a locality around the 17th century and later, and were preceded by actual armour, arms and colours..pennants or flags in Medieval times. Many are still to be seen particularly in prestigious country houses and churches in England.

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Listed Price: £3,600 ( + vat in EU zone )

Width Height Depth
Maximum 50"
127 cms
127 cms
2.5 cms

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