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The markings of this mahogany Bristol Bulldog Propeller show that it was fitted to a Bristol Mercury IV S.2 Radial aircooled aircraft engine and dated May 1932 . This one has a 10ft diameter with brass leading edge covers. These engines were first fitted to Bulldogs in March 1932. At this time it was the front line RAF fighter. The provenance is obscure but it is believed that it was found in an Italian mountain village. From a private collection of early aeroplane propellers.
English 1930's.

The Bulldog was a sophisticated and powerful biplane and one of the last of the RAF's frontline biplane fighters. It was replaced in 1937 by the Hurricane. It was in one of these Bulldogs that the RAF fighter ace, Douglas Bader, became one of the RAF's leading air pilots.

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120 12"
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