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One of three original massive cast iron Chapter Rings from the 19th century Clock Tower at the Ascot Racecourse. When this Tower was demolished in the 1960s the chapter rings were transferred to the new one, see black and white image below. This Tower was itself replaced in 2004 when the 'New Grandstand' was built.

We fully restored them and on 1st August 2007 one was swung into position over the heads of 'Sophisticated South Shoreditchers' by an Italian Fossi Gru mobile crane and was set onto the steel box section cradle erected on the remnants of the wall of the 19th century tenements which once occupied the site of our present courtyard.
It is now a working clock, is illuminated at night and has become a local landmark.
One is now sold. The other remaining chapter ring is SNo 9377.
English late 19th century.

During June each year it seems the whole of the horse racing world's attention is focused on Royal Ascot near Windsor Castle and on the famous race meeting that is held there and where each year there is the inevitable parade of fashion. Royal Ascot was founded by Queen Anne in the 18th century and the first meeting took place on Saturday 11th August 1711. Her Majesty’s Plate worth 100 guineas was the inaugural event and was open to any horse, mare or gelding over the age of six. Each horse was required to carry a weight of 12 stone and seven runners took part. In 1760, when George II came to the throne, the once humble Royal Ascot became the second most popular race in all of England. A Grand Stand was built and from there spectators enjoyed panoramic views of the racecourse and its surroundings. While the original wooden buildings have now been replaced it was and is the focal point of the course spanning a quarter of a mile. It's most prominent feature was the Clock Tower and it was under this Tower that Eliza Doolittle in the film "My Fair Lady" was heard to shout encouragement to her favoured steed " Dover" .

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