Stock No: 10910

AN ORIGINAL ROYAL MINT PORTCULLIS WROUGHT IRON WINDOW GRILL. The original Royal from the 14th century..which was housed within the walls of the Tower of London was moved in 1810 across the square at Tower Hill to the later location built by the architect Sir Robert Smirke, 1781-1867...on the site of a Cistercian Monastery. This and other grills were removed during alterations to the Mint in the 1960's..several were installed at ground level in the Old Bailey Courts of Justice rebuilt section...also in the 1960's..

Another square one is our stock no 10909. Superb examples of the traditional Smithy's expertise these were probably made by Matthew Boulton who also made the very early thunderous steam presses for minting the coins. See images below showing an interior view of the Mint foundry

THE HISTORY OF THE ROYAL MINT extends over a thousand years traced to moneyers of Anglo-Saxon London, then a presence within the walls of the Tower itself thence to the 1810 building at Tower Hill.

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Diameter Thickness
58 14"
148 cms
1 316"
3 cms

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