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9912. A rare period Rococo cast iron fireback depicting a battle scene from antiquity, with inspiration from Louis XIV's painter Charles Lebrun, in his painting & tapestry " Alexander the Great's Crossing of the Granicus ... Passage du Granaiche ", the border profusely decorated with floral "C" scrolls, and much of the detail still well defined.
French 18th century.

NOTES: The painting on the subject by Lebrun hangs in the Louvre and there is also a large tapestry on the same subject in the French embassy in the Palazzo Farnese, a High Renaissance palace in Rome.

The Battle of the Granicus River in May 334 BC took place on the road from Abydos to Dascylium, near the site of Troy & the modern day Ergili in Turkey at the crossing of the Granicus close to the modern day Biga Çayı. It was the first of three major battles that Alexander the Great fought against the Persian Empire & where he defeated the Persian satraps, including a large force of Greek mercenaries led by Memnon of Rhodes - The result of these victories was that he attained half of Asia Minor.

width height depth
31 18"
79 cms
33 18"
84 cms
2 38"
6.1 cms
Weight: 96 Kg

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