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A Carron cast iron English Civil War fireback

Stock No.14056

A 20th century copy of a cast iron fireback, made by the Carron Foundry of Falkirk, Scotland, cast with a knight on horseback and inscribed "L D Fairfax Covnqvonror ". Fairfax was a commander in the New Model Army. An illustration of this fireback can be seen on page 204 of Carron's 'Architects Catalogue' circa 1910, please see the 4th image below.
English, late 20th century.

Notes: The New Model Army of England formed in 1645 won the English Civil War for Parliament and itself came to exercise important political power. It was disbanded in 1660 after the Restoration.

width height depth
34 14"
87 cms
27 316"
69 cms
1 38"
3.5 cms

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