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Antique Garden Statuary Portland Stone Plaque.

A large and impressive Portland Stone Plaque bearing the Rod of Asclepius, from St Thomas' Hospital London.

Stock No.13141

One of five of Portland Stone Plaques removed from the facade of St Thomas' Hospital in London. Carved in the shape of a shield and centred by a serpent entwined round a staff representing the Rod of Asclepius, the ancient Greek symbol associated with healing and medicine.
The Hospital was moved from it's 17th century site in Southwark to Lambeth Palace Road across the River Thames from The Houses of Parliament where it was opened by Queen Victoria in 1871.
Early 20th century. A pair with SNo 13141.
Weight: 276kg

Width Height Depth
28 18"
71.5 cms
33 18"
84 cms
11 38"
29 cms

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