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Antique French Period Rococo Gilt Wood Frame and Painting

This Ornate period Rococo frame in Giltwood surround a beautiful painting of a Fete Champetre, with musicians and actors. 18th century Frame and 19th century Painting.

Stock No.9405

A French 18th century, period Rococo carved giltwood frame , set within is a well executed painting of a " Fete Champetre" with actors supported by musicians performing before guests at a Country Estate/ Domaine . The restored and cleaned painting is 19th century.

Fete Champetre…”a fête champêtre was often a very elegant form of entertainment involving on occasions whole orchestras hidden in trees, with guests sometimes in fancy dress.”

Width Height Depth
152.5 cms
23 316"
59 cms
4 14"
11 cms

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